What We Do

Field Trips

Monthly field trips enhance our birding skills and create bird census data throughout the year in local and wider-ranging locations, reporting data in Bird Calls and ebird.org/content/tx/. We sponsor two County Christmas Bird Counts and publicize and participate in other national citizen science projects.


Educating ourselves and the public, we distribute educational materials and personal interaction from our booth at various community events, speak at club meetings and environmental policy hearings, bring expert speakers to our monthly meetings, and provide hands-on training for kids in using binoculars and spotting birds.  We carry out a variety of projects, many of them collaborative, both discrete and on-going.  We donate funds and volunteer work to projects of other organizations, or we design joint projects.  In further collaboration, we network in our community as members of the Bastrop Chamber of Commerce, the Lower Colorado River Basin Coalition, and others.


A sample of projects:

Monthly Programs

Examples of programs through the years:

Drew Fulton, Photographer, Texas coastal sanctuaries hurricane damage

Bill Brooks, Herpetologist & BCAS member

County Wildlife Biologist Meredith
Longoria: state, federal, international laws on birds

Nicholas Cowey of McKinney Roughs on Butterflies

Nicholas Cowey of McKinney Roughs on Butterflies

Dr. John Abbott, left: "Dragonflies and Damselflies"

Professor David Scott: “Birding by Ear”

Iliana Pena, Director of Conservation of Audubon Texas

Rehabilitator Stephanie Boyd with hawk

Dr. Kevin Anderson: Hornsby Bend birding