Christmas Bird Counts

Bastrop-Buescher Christmas Bird Count, since 1977: The CBC was founded and led for many years by Dr. David Mitchel. Since 2012, Laurie Foss and Sheila Hargis have been the count compilers. From their experience, counting birds in Bastrop is the perfect way to bring in the new year. The count has always been performed on New Year’s Day. They would also welcome some feeder watchers, so if you live within the circle and have bird feeders, you can participate without leaving home. For more specific information about the Bastrop CBC including a map showing the count circle, go to Laurie's website at Email Shelia Hargis and Laurie Foss at with questions or to register.

For 2009, 18 participants reported 104 species.
For 2010, 25 participants reported 113 species.
For 2011, 34 participants reported 126 species.
For 2012, 27 participants reported 126 species.
For 2013, 40 participants reported 117 species.
For 2014, 38 participants reported 121 species.

For archived bird count data for all years for the Bastrop-Buescher CBCs (code txbb), or for any bird count including the Lost Pines CBC, go to National Audubon at and begin a search for CBC results. The current previous count, of course, is easier to access.

The Lost Pines Christmas Bird Count began in 2011 in December. This bird count, managed by the Lost Pines Hyatt Hotel and McKinney Roughs Nature Park (LCRA), covers western parts of the county. Around the central event, they offer workshops, a tee shirt, and a dinner night with a speaker. Access results and register at