Our mission is to promote the conservation, restoration, and enjoyment
of natural resources and habitats for birds and other wildlife.


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World Migratory Bird Day

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Meeting: Our next meeting will be May 21, 2019, at 7:00 p.m., First National Bank Meeting Room, in Bastrop, Hwy. 71 @ Hasler. Doors open at 6:30.

May Program:  “Birding Northumberland, England” - Ian Layton

We will meet for dinner at 5:00 p.m. at Cedar’s Mediterranean Grill, 904 College Street, Bastrop.  For the dinner, RSVP SSimon1221@yahoo.com. 




More News: Opportunity to see Lesser Prairie Chicken

 Texas Panhandle Birding Tours has pledged a $5.00 donation to the Llano Estacado Audubon Society for each person who attends the Lesser Prairie Chicken Lek trips in 2019. In addition Texas Panhandle Birding Tours will give $5.00 to an Audubon Society or birding group in Texas specified by the person(s) attending.

The Lesser Prairie Chicken Lek Trips will be on Saturdays and Sundays from the first weekend in March until the 2nd weekend in May. There are 8 spots available during each trip.

Texas Panhandle Birding Tours is charging $125.00 per person.

Contact Texas Panhandle Birding Tours at TXpanhandleBirdingTours@gmail.com for more information and availability.

Lesser Prairie Chicken

Lesser Prairie Chicken

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