Our mission is to promote the conservation, restoration, and enjoyment
of natural resources and habitats for birds and other wildlife.


Birds of Bastrop County



Meeting: June 20, 2017, at 7:00 p.m., First National Bank Meeting Room, in Bastrop, Hwy. 71 @ Hasler. Doors open at 6:30.

June Program:  Sheila Hargis on Purple Martins

Purple Martins and humans have an uncanny connection that goes back hundreds of years.
Purple Martins thrill people in a variety of ways throughout their life cycle. Hargis will dispel some of the myths surrounding martins, touch on some of the recent research findings, and highlight some of the ways that birders and nonbirders alike can connect with this spectacular bird.

Hargis spends most of her free time birding or thinking about birds, and her passion and enthusiasm for birds and birding is infectious. She teaches Travis Audubon’s Introduction to Birds and Birding, regularly gives presentations on a variety of bird topics, surveys birds for the City of Austin and the USGS Breeding Bird Survey as well as for private landowners, leads birding field trips, and is Past President of Travis Audubon. She is currently on the Travis Audubon Board of Directors (again!) and is President of the Texas Ornithological Society. Special to BCAS, she now manages the annual State Parks Christmas Bird Count.
A special invite will also be extended to visit the stunning migration roost in Austin. Come learn

Come for dinner with our speaker before the meeting at 5:00 p.m. at Cedars Mediterranean
Restaurant in Bastrop.



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 Other News-----

Besides the regular educational program, in the final meeting each year of the Bastrop County Audubon
Society, we hold the Annual Meeting. Keep in mind that our operational year begins July 1st and ends
June 30th. During this meeting we conduct business related to the governance and operation of our

Proposed Amendment to BCAS Bylaws

This year we have one proposed amendment to our bylaws. The purpose of this amendment is to allow
the board of directors the ability to conduct business by mail or by email, a situation not covered by our
current bylaws. The board of directors recommends approval of this amendment.


All voting pursuant to Articles I (Section 4), Article IV (Section 3), Article V (Section 1) and Article VIII
may be done by paper ballot (postal service) or electronically (e.g., fax, email or SOCIETY website).
Also, the Board of Directors shall have the power to conduct business by means of mail or electronically
providing there is a quorum and the vote is returned within the deadline set. Other business, when
appropriate, may also be conducted by the President, Vice-President, individual Committee Secretaries
and the Communications Committee by mail or electronically.

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